Healthy House Cleaning Habits

Five Reasons Healthy Cleaning Habits Are Essential for Your Home

Did you know that allergies rank as the 6th leading cause of chronic illnesses in the United States? Around 50 million Americans experience various types of allergies, with allergic rhinitis being the most common type. It affects 19.2 million adults and 5.2 million children.

Other types of allergies include sinus swelling and nasal allergies. The most common allergy triggers are pollen, mold spores, dogs, cats, and rodent dander. Dust mites also remain to be the leading allergy trigger.

Fortunately, healthy cleaning habits can help you avoid the dangers that these poses. Keep reading to find out why healthy cleaning is essential for your home.

  1. Promotes Better Physical Health

When irritant dust settles in the nose, you’ll likely experience sinusitis. Meanwhile, if dust particles attack your air passages, tracheitis or bronchitis is possible.

Furthermore, inhaling large amounts of dust-containing macrophages will put your lungs at risk. The amount and type of dust will affect how serious your lung injury will be.

Silica particles, for instance, give off toxic substances. This can cause the formation of scar tissue in your lungs.

Healthy cleaning habits are a great way to avoid the formation of diseases like rhinitis. When you exercise regular home cleaning, you’ll be able to kill such allergen triggers.

Moreover, pest infestation is also common in unkempt houses. When left as is, pests may contaminate your food, leading to diarrhea and other health issues. This is why homeowners should find a cleaning service to ensure that every nook of their house is free of pests.

Hiring house cleaners will help you organize and remove obstructions that can cause accidents. This includes injuries caused by falling or tripping and even house fires. With regular de-cluttering, you’ll be able to save money from medical bills.

  1. Improve Mental Health of Homeowners

Imagine leaving your house cluttered and disorganized because you have to go to work. Such can become a great source of stress for you, especially if you’re fighting against fatigue.

The thought of having to clean when you get home will weigh down on you. This affects your mood and productivity throughout the day.

A clean home will help your brain relax and focus on more important matters such as work and family. This is why you must keep your house clean and organize.

For those who don’t have a lot of time at hand, you can always opt to hire professional cleaners. This way, you’ll reduce the burden on your shoulder, and you’ll be able to relax more.

Aside from this, did you know that physical activities such as cleaning can help reduce stress, anxiety, along with depressive symptoms? What’s more, studies find that a clean bedsheet and bedroom can help you get a good night’s sleep. This allows you to rest well, improving your mood on the following day.

  1. It Helps You Save Money

Houses are big investments; thus, you must ensure it’s in good condition to get your money’s worth. If you fail to maintain your house, its materials will likely age faster and rot away. This means you’ll have to spend money to repair or completely replace them.

For instance, if you fail to clean your toilet, you’ll likely face serious bathroom repairs. This is also true for your home appliances and furniture. In most cases, unmaintained appliances require total replacement.

Aside from this, clutters such as dirt make your interiors look old and dull. In most cases, black mold can leave unpleasing stains on your house walls.

This will be a problem if you have plans to sell your house soon. Your house’s resale value will likely drop. Although you can always remodel and renovate the house, expect to pay a hefty sum for it.

Thus, to avoid expensive maintenance and renovation cost, you must exercise regular house cleaning. Doing so will help preserve your house and maintain, if not increase, its resale value.

  1. Prevents You from Wasting Your Time

Most homeowners only clean when there’s obvious dirt accumulation. Most think that this is a lot easier than regularly maintain the house.

However, a one-time clean-up eats away hours of your time when you’re supposed to be relaxing. Around 2,000 American parents stated that they spend an average of 23 hours and 36 minutes per month on cleaning housework.

Laundry alone takes more than an hour of their time. No wonder that 69% of them feel housework is causing them to miss out on family time. With that said, don’t you think a few minutes a day is better than a few hours or even a whole day of cleaning?

Also, a well-maintained house requires little cleaning during special occasions. This reduces the need for a massive cleaning session allowing you to focus on more important aspects.

As such, practice the “clean-as-you-go” concept to keep daily chores from piling up. If not, consider hiring a home cleaner.

Another benefit of regular house cleaning is that you’re able to keep your thing organized. This lessens the chance of misplacement. In addition, you eliminate the time you waste when you scramble through the house trying to look for your things.

  1. Create a Good Impression

Have you experienced having your friends and relatives come over unannounced only to discover your house is a mess? Not only is this embarrassing, but it also leaves a bad impression. Stay ahead of situations like this by cleaning your house regularly.

In addition, exercising healthy cleaning habits also serves as a good example for your housemates, especially children. It’s a great opportunity to promote responsibility and self-discipline to kids.

Start Practicing Healthy Cleaning Habits Today!

Healthy cleaning habits pave the way for an organized and aesthetically pleasing household. It also lessens the number of chores you have to finish giving you more free time to lounge and relax. Aside from the physical health benefits, it can also reduce your stress level, improving your mood in the process.

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