Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional maid services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at Summit Cleaning.

General Questions

How Can I Get A Quote?

Simply call us and we’ll send someone to your home for a free in-home estimate.

How Do I Pay For The Cleaning Services?

Preferable method of payment is cash payment upon completion and inspection of the job. We also accept checks.

How Will The Cleaners Get Into My Home If I Am At Work?

We ask that you provide us with a key to your home and alarm code, if there is an alarm system.  We label our keys numerically – there is no name or address on the key for security reasons.  Also, you can leave the key in a safe place, we will take it from there and start cleaning.

Are Cleaning Supplies Included?

Cleaning supplies aren’t included by default. This ensures your cleaner uses the products you like and there isn’t any cross-contamination from house to house.

If you are not sure about what exactly to buy, we can give you a list of products you can follow. For other hourly based, we can provide all the products and equipment. For all Move In and Move Out cleaning we will provide everything required.

What If I'm Not Happy With My Cleaning?

Please get in touch with us right away and we’ll make arrangements to rectify the situation. We have a satisfaction guarantee that we stand by.

Scheduling Questions

Can I Get A Same-day Booking?

We don’t guarantee same-day bookings. But, depending on the day, we can often meet this requirement.

Do I Have To Be Home For My Cleaning?

It’s completely up to you. If you’re not going to be home, make sure you let us know how to access your house.

Does My Cleaner Arrive At The Exact Time I Book?

Yes, most of the time. However, we allow a one-hour window due to traffic and weather circumstances. In scenarios where your cleaner will be late, you will be contacted to let you know the ETA.

When Am I Charged For The Service?

You are not charged until after the cleaning has been completed.

Are There Any Commitments Of Contracts?

No, you can cancel service anytime without any penalties. You don’t have to commit to any contracts or pre-determined number of appointments.

What If I Need To Reschedule A Cleaning Date Or If My Cleaning Lies On A Public Holiday?

If for any reason you are not able to keep your regularly cleaning scheduled, please call the office at least 48 hours in advance to reschedule.  If your cleaning date lies on a public holiday, you will receive a call from the office advising you of an alternate date.

Cleaning Questions

What Should I Do Before The House Cleaning?

In order to devote the time to do a deep cleaning, we ask that you pick up toys, clothing and other household items prior to our arrival.

What Are Your House Cleaning Days And Hours?

Generally, Monday through Friday from approximately 8:00am – 5:00pm.

What Services Do You Offer?

We offer a range of services from weekly cleaning to one-time cleaning to move-in and move-out cleaning.

How Many Cleaners Do You Send?

It depends on the property. Most of the case will have 3 cleaners, one of which will be a supervisor. However, there may be a change depending on illness or the unforeseen.

Are Your House Cleaners Screened?

Our house cleaners are fully screened.

What About My Pets?

Pets are usually not a problem.  However, if you have a dog that is aggressive or has a tendency to bite, we ask that you put the dog in a kennel or a separate room that we won’t access.  If the cleaning staff feel threatened by an aggressive animal, we will not proceed to clean for safety reasons.